Music Monday

Music Monday

Grades K-4: Can you tell the difference?

Grades 5 -8: Check out this amazing guitar player with a sense of humor too!!!  ( Do you know how to spell?)

Young and talented for sure...
A Story to reflect upon

Can you guess the songs these emojis are??



Song 1? ____________________ scroll down to bottom for answer 



Song 2? ____________________ scroll down to bottom for answer 

Check out these videos. 

K-2: watch this and enjoy...Who knew a baby could scare a monster...

Gr. 3-6:  Don’t you sports fans miss this game?

K-2  Let's get Funky!

Grades 3-6  
Are your ears full of fluff?

Feel free to move and play along if you like. 
Don't forget your pillow,
and remember Don't Stand So Close. 

Suggested for Grades K-2

Suggested for Grades 3-6

Click on the link...
then reflect
on these questions...

How did this music make you feel?

How can you use music to inspire
and better you today?

Recommended for grades K-4
Recommended for grades 5 and 6

Song 1- Bye Bye Bye- NSync
Song 2- Faith- George Michael