Milk Program

Forrest Elementary School will be offering a School Milk Program that makes MILK available at school each and every day.

We will have both 2% white and chocolate MILK available. 

Milk can be purchased through our pre-paid milkcards anytime throughout the year.

Full MILK cards are available for $20 and will cover 24, 10-ounce cartons or Half MILK cards are available for $10 and will cover 12, 10-ounce cartons. When the card has expired it will be sent home as a reminder that another needs to be purchased.

MILK will also be available daily from the canteen for $0.90 ea.

Print your order form by printing this PDF Milk order form:
Milk Program 2023-2024 .pdf

PLEASE NOTE: The Milk Program will run until the end of June.  Any milk cards that have been purchased and still have milk portions available on them will be rolled over to the next grade for the next school year, with the exception of the Grade 8 class who will be going to Elton.  The Gr. 8 students are advised to use up their cards before the end of June.

Christmas break:  Please note, due to the Christmas break and not being able to get delivery as there are no staff at the school, the milk program will not start up again until Monday, January 15th, 2024