Dress for the Cold

Manitoba weather - the ultimate challenge!  This winter we have had days above 0 C followed by a day of -20 C - it makes your head spin!!!  Here are a few tips to keep in mind.........
It is equally important to keep warm and to keep dry:
  1. Type of material - if possible, try to have a layer next to your skin that is synthetic or wool - these materials will help to keep sweat and water away from your skin.  Cotton absorbs and holds sweat and water next to your skin and cools you down.
  2. Layers - dressing in thin layers helps to trap warm air to help keep you warm.  A synthetic or wool layers next to the skin, a midlayer for warmth like fleece and then a waterproof layer on top to protect against snow, rain and wind.  Each layer can act as insulation to trap in a layer of warm air 
  3. Hoods, neck warmers and cuffs on sleeves help to trap in warm air and keep cold air out.
  4. Pulling pant legs over boots helps to keep snow and water out.
  5. Keep moving!!  Increases your metabolism and heart rate which will help to keep you warm.
dress warmly
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Dress for the Cold
Spending time outside is great for our physical health and our mental health - if we take the time to dress for the weather then we all have an opportunity to enjoy the best parts of being a Manitoban!!

Here are 2 links for an articles with a few more suggestions on how to dress to be active outdoors in the winter - 
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