School Information

Forrest Elementary School is a K-8 school located in the southern catchment area of Rolling River School Division. Forrest is a primarily rural catchment with the majority of students being bussed (95%) and local or schools of choice (5%). Forrest School has 210 students 12.5 teachers and 3 instructional support staff, 1 half time librarian and 1 full time secretary with 2 maintenance/custodial staff.

Forrest school plays a major part in community activities as a gathering point for many athletic events as well as facilities use to the community.

Forrest maintains a steady pattern of growth and expanding enrolment correlating with community development within the school's catchment area. Student enrolment trends an average increase of 5-10% annually over the last eight years.

Mission Statement

Forrest Elementary School believes that public
education should provide opportunities to assist
students in becoming functioning, coping and
productive members of the local and broader society.

Working in partnership with parents and community,
our aim is to prepare students academically,
intellectually, and emotionally for a changing world.

Programs approved for students will teach relevant
skills and knowledge. They will also promote emotional,
social and physical well-being in a safe, caring environment.

As well, our school will create an atmosphere which
encourages independence, good judgement and
personal excellence; with respect, caring, and dignity
for all people.

All students will be given the opportunity to be successful
learners and to develop a positive self-image.

School Beliefs

Forrest Elementary is a student-oriented school.

Our programs are based on the needs of our students
in each of our classrooms. Through the cooperative
efforts of students, staff, and parents, it is our hope
that students will grow and develop academically and
socially and have respect for themselves, others, and
property. We strive to find ways to allow students to
meet with success and to develop a positive self-image.
We will continue to work hard to maintain the positive,
safe, caring atmosphere in which we take pride.

School History

Forrest Elementary School had its beginnings as a
one-room schoolhouse named Turiff School, which
was located 2 miles southeast of its present site.
Turiff School was built in 1891 with 10 students and
their teacher, William McGregor. In 1950, a new
two-room school was built in the village of Forrest.
Our central Library was first developed in 1990 with
the help of a group of concerned parents. It was the
first elementary school library in the Rolling River
School Division and was fully automated from the start.
In the beginning, a classroom was transformed to hold
the collection which was purchased through a massive
fundraising effort. Books from class collections were
also included.

In 1999, a regulation size gymnasium with dressing
rooms and canteen was added to the school which
created an opportunity for the library to be relocated
to a larger space.