Forrest Recycles

Forrest Elementary School has been recycling household batteries since 2013 and recycling writing instruments since 2015 through our recycling programs.
Forrest Elementary has participated in plastic bag recycling every Fall since 2016 and new for this year we are collecting drink tabs.

Battery Recycling:

To date, we have collected 2255 lbs or 1022 kgs of batteries and kept them out of our landfills. This is close to the size of 2 adult male grizzly bears, or 4 adult male polar bears, or a walrus.

Join us in continuing to recycle batteries- you can send batteries with your child or bring them to the office at any time throughout the school year and we will see that they are recycled.

Why Recycle?

We use a lot of batteries every year – but when batteries are not disposed of correctly, the hazardous materials inside of them can get into the water, land and air. By recycling single-use batteries instead of throwing them away, we can reduce pollution and also help save resources!

Writing Instrument Recycling:

Forrest Elementary School launched a writing instrument recycling program in September 2015. We encourage students and staff to drop off used writing instruments such as pens, pencils, markers and highlighters at the Forrest Office, items will be collected and brought to Staples to be shipped to Terracycle for recycling. Writing Instruments can be collected at home and brought to the office at any time throughout the year for recycling.

Send your writing instruments and batteries from home to Forrest for recycling and keep them out of our landfills.


Forrest Elementary school is collecting tabs in support of specialized student needs at school.

Keep up the great work Forrest families!!

                           EXCITING RECYCLING NEWS!!!!

We are excited to announce that we will now be collecting PHONE COVERS and TABLET COVERS that are ready for recycling.

Thanks to Mrs. Topham, our Kindergarten teacher and Recycling Guru, we will be able to collect these items and keep them out of our landfills as well.

             THANK YOU Mrs. Topham for keeping FES GREEN!!!