Walking is a great part of a healthy lifestyle and a great way to spend time with your family!

The Challenge 

  • To try and walk 2kms at least 3 times in a week 

  • Each     Shape 

  •    on the calendar represents 1 km 

  • You can walk 2km at the same time or walk 1 km at a time – you decide! 

What To Do 

  • With your family, map out a trail or try to determine how many laps around your yard or your house would equal approximately 1 km (hint:  1,000 large adult steps is about 1 km or about 15 minutes of walking!) 

  • Each time you complete 1 km – colour in a    Shape

  •  on your calendar (or make your own calendar to keep track of your 2K2DAY!) 

  • See if you can colour 6 Shape     

  • in one week!! 

The History 

In June 2019, to promote healthy lifestyles and give our students something different to do at recess, w
e had a trail measured out around the school playground that was approximately 1 km – students and staff would walk around this path during recesses and during Buddy Reading time.  We saw lots of students enjoying this trail while walking with their friends – we had a well-worn path at the end of June!

Walking outside is a great way to exercise, be with family (and friends) and connect with nature. 

In this trying time of COVID-19, we thought it would be a great challenge to bring back for families!

You can find the 2K2DAY printable PDF calendars for May and June here 2K2DAY.pdf

Mrs H would love to see your colourful calendars in June!!