Forrest Library News

Forrest Library News
Forrest Summer ReadingPictured here are our Summer Readers for 2018!
Forrest Summer Reading
Thanks to all parents for helping their child/children succeed in the Summer Reading Program.  
Once again it seemed to be a success, and collectively the children did a lot of reading. 
24,198 minutes in total. 
Everyone did exceptionally, but there were some top readers 
Natalie L * 6202 minutes
Katie D * 6114 minutes
Maddy J * 5146 minutes
Benji L * 1582 minutes
Maisie C * 930 minutes
Congratulations to everyone who participated  enjoy your prizes and good luck on the free book draw from the Library.

Thanks to our sponsors for helping our kids achieve their reading goal.
Its a great incentive, and we appreciate your support. 
Thank you to:

Boston Pizza on #1 highway
A&W on #1 Highway
Thunderbird Bowl
Forrest Library
I can`t thank the parents of this school enough for your continued support you show year in and year out. You all help make this a great place to be.. 

This year with your help we were able to provide the classrooms with over $500 in books. 

The teachers and kids faces light up when I deliver the reading material you purchased for their classrooms, and the kids like to open a book and see their names in it as donated by.
 Even more when their Wish Lists are fulfilled with  extras from the books sales.
Door Prize winners are
: K) Kaelyn B
: 1) Conner W 
: 2) William A
:3) Ben D
:4) Anna Z
:5) Sadie B
:6) Sophie Y
:7) Issac P
:8) Marley B
The Door Prize Winner for $25 for a Student and $25 for the Classroom  was Grade 5 Mrs. Koshowski and Janaye. Congrats to both.  

This year I had set my goal at a modest $2000.00. Well I am so excited to tell you all we surpassed it with leaps and bounds.

Our actual total was $ 3000.59. WOW!!! 

What this means is the Library and Classrooms benefit from this all year long, with new books as they arrive in the stores, we can get them in.  The little extra gifts to classrooms if they need them. Fun exciting learning tools for Author studies,chairs and prizes for summer reading programs and prizes for the kids throughout the year.  So much is can be done and it`s because you are generous. So if you were wondering what happens to all the funds, it goes right back into the school in so many ways. 

Thank You all and I look forward to doing all again next year. 
Tracy Schroeder, Forrest Librarian