Grade 5 Science Fair 2019

Grade 5 Science Fair
The Forrest Grade 5 students held their science fair on Monday March 11th, 2019 in the common area of Forrest Elementary School.

We hope all the families and Forrest students enjoyed visiting the Science Fair. The Grade 5 students were kept very busy explaining their projects to all the visitors. Mr. Foster would like to thank all of the participants for their excellent work on their projects.

Congratulations to the following 7 students, they and their projects will be going on to the Western Manitoba Science Fair in Brandon on Tuesday April 9th:

Declan W.- What Activity Increases Heart Rate?

Ellen C.- How Does Sugar Rot Teeth?

Liam B.- Which Plants Grow the Tallest?

Livia W.- Which Foods Mold the Fastest?

Paige M.- Colour Illusions

Payton A.- Ingredients of Raising Cakes

Shaela F.- How to Prevent Frost?